Best Watches for Flight Attendants

For individuals who spend their days touring via the wild blue yonder, it is able to every so often sense like they may be disconnected from ordinary life. With the rapidly passing landscapes underneath and the common crossing of time zones, frequent flyers exist on a specific plane than the rest of us (pun, woefully, supposed).

Of all of the sorts of frequent flyers – commercial enterprise human beings, travel writers, characters on that show “Entourage” – there might be no one who’s extra acquainted with the disorienting impact of journeying than flight attendants. Their process calls for that they jump backward and forward between distant locations, all the whilst imparting friendly and calm service to some of the least happy humans on (or above) earth.

According to recent information, just over seventy five% of flight attendants in the US are girls and even though it’s nevertheless a predominantly lady profession, the share of guys maintains to upward push. Because of that, we’ve protected watches on our list for men, women as well as a few unisex selections.

If you’re in a hurry and seeking out a short advice – for women we suggest the Casio Baby-G, it indicates World Time in 29 time zones (27 towns + UTC) and shows the city code. While it’s part of the G-Shock line up, this version is greater stylish than a number of its extra cumbersome cousins.

Men – take a look at this Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Calendrier Watch with world instances comfortably placed across the dial this is a realistic watch for people who are constantly crossing time zones.

Flight attendants want to discover a manner to live grounded (sorry, last pun; probable), and a dependable timepiece is just the sort of accessory that may offer a bit sliver of balance.

If you’re a flight attendant searching out a great watch to wear at the process, or you’re searching to shop for a gift for that special flyer for your lifestyles, the principle component to don’t forget is what type of functions could be maximum useful.

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