The best official and unofficial Juul flavors

The ascent of Juul can be to a great extent credited to its flavors. Juul makes it simple to tailor your vaping experience as you would prefer without meddling with e-juice bottles. While Juul itself just makes eight flavors — Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Classic Tobacco, Mango, Creme, Cucumber, Fruit, and Menthol — the market is loaded with outsider other options. Everybody has various tastes, yet there’s a touch of something for everybody holding up underneath. Here are a portion of our most loved Juul flavors.

The best Juul flavors

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The best official Juul flavors

Virginia Tobacco juul compatible pods uk

Juul offers both Classic and Virginia Tobacco flavors, yet as a previous smoker searching for another option, I discovered Virginia is the nearest guess. The Virginia Tobacco flavor is more grounded, and keeping in mind that it won’t duplicate the vibe of smoking it’s agreeably recognizable. It’s likewise somewhat harsher than the Classic Tobacco, as I would like to think, which is decent in the event that you miss the scratch of smoking.

best juul flavors – virginia tobacco


Of Juul’s prohibited flavors, pulled from store retires because of their ubiquity with adolescents, Mango rules in the realm of seasoned units. Sweet while never feeling like treats, fruity without that synthetically odd persistent flavor of counterfeit flavors, Mango is a choice unit.

best juul flavors – mango


When Juul took its sweet flavor cases off the market we were sorrowful to see Cucumber go. Unnecessarily trapped in a crossfire among guardians and the organization, Cucumber can now just be found on Juul’s site. It’s a disgrace; this is effectively the most reviving unique Juul flavor. Quietly sweet with only a trace of mint, Cucumber is the concealed diamond of the Juul world.

best juul flavors – cucumber

The best informal Juul flavors

This is an altogether harder classification to arrange on the grounds that once you break liberated from the Juul biological system a universe of potential outcomes uncovers itself. In spite of being claimed by enormous tobacco and having more cash than God, Juul just offers eight flavors.

A portion of its fruity flavors like Mango, seemingly as well as can’t be expected, eve be sold in stores. That leaves you paying a premium on Juul’s site except if you’re willing to shop somewhere else. Since you’re as of now requesting on the web, why not investigate the universe of high quality Juul flavors. Here are our top picks.

Remember official Juul units start at 5% nicotine, with decreased limits accessible. Be that as it may, some outsider cases have 6% or more nicotine per unit. Ensure you check the nicotine level of the cases you’re purchasing, particularly if it’s from an outsider.

Ziip Strawberry Lemonade

Ziip’s Strawberry Lemonade is a reviving impact of prepared that wraps your mouth and leaves an exquisite persistent flavor. You may expect this Juul flavor to be annoyingly sweet, yet the lemonade is far more grounded than the strawberry here. Besides everybody’s breath smells pleasant with a little citrus.

ziip strawberry lemonaid

Ziip Cappuccino

Espresso vapes are a hit and miss recommendation, however Ziip’s Cappuccino offers a shockingly adjusted flavor. Abstaining from over-burdening your taste buds with outrageous espresso flavor while as yet giving enough kick to fulfill.

ziip cappuccino

Ziip Iced Orange

Ice units include a cool eruption of menthol to your vape without including any mint flavor, giving a calming chill. Frosted Orange gives you the impression of vaping an orange popsicle, which considers as a real part of the incredible neglected works of science. Essentially delightful.

best juul flavors – ziip frosted orange

Age PODS Citrus Burst

Searching for a greater nicotine kick from your Juul flavor cases? Age PODS Citrus Burst packs a huge amount of orange focused citrus flavor into a 6% nicotine truck. Simply enough additional kick to give you a lift without going over the line.

best juul flavors – age cases citrus burst

VQ Pods Mango Bliss

Juul’s been the greatest name in Mango for a really long time. While numerous different organizations make strong Mango trucks, including Eon PODS and Ziip, VQ Pods matches even the forceful Juul. Brilliant and sweet, VQ Pods Mango gives Juul’s unique Mango a run for their cash. Since you need to arrange Mango online whether it’s from VQ or Juul, you should go after the prevalent and less expensive Mango case.

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